Samandehan Asanbar Tehran Co. Ltd. Was first established in the name of "Samandehan Asanbar group" in 1992 in Tehran – Iran , Mainly with the aim of import elevator components from the leading manufacturers in European countries such as Spain , Italy, and Germany.

 At the beginning of its business activities " Samandehan Asanbar group" was involved in the import of LOSAL guide rails from Spain until the year 1997.

After establishing a new relations with Savera Spain in 1997 as the main distributor of Savera guide rails in the Iranian market  for one year,  Samandehan could  prove its capability for promotion  marketing Savera products in the area significantly, as a result;  Samandehan honored to obtain the Exclusive Agency from Savera Spain for the Iranian market in  1998.

Later the Name of “Samandehan Asanbar Group" has been changed to “Samandehan Asanbar Tehran Co., Ltd." in 2001.


Exclusive Agency for Savera China

After elapsing of 12 years of continues sincere and honest business collaborations with Savera Spain , as Savera China factories are under licensed and managed by Savera group Spain , so ; in order to promote &  expand marketing for Savera China in the Iranian market , the management of Savera Spain , made  their decisions to grant Exclusive Agency of Savera China to Samandehan Asanbar Tehran Co. Ltd. in 2010, in order to unify her Agency for the whole Savera group in Iran.



Founder of Samandehan Asanbar Co. Ltd.

Mr. Eng Abolfazl Nikchehreh Managing Director, and the Founder of     Samandehan Asanbar Tehran Co., Ltd. has graduated from George    Washington University in the field of Electric Engineering & Applied    science in 1981.

After graduations, he returned to his home country, Iran. 

 Mr. Nikchehreh has always been interested in teaching English, so;    he    started to work as an English Teacher at some famous English    institutes    in Tehran such as Simin , Shokuh, etc.  during his leisure    times for about  10 years.

In 1991, he met some friends by chance who were involved in the import & sales of Elevator components from Spain , Italy and Germany , and in this way he started his activities as an importer of lift components to the Iranian market.

During the past 22 years of his presence in the market of elevator business, Mr. Nikchehreh has always played the key role in developing market for Savera guide rails in Iran.

Taking advantages of his sincere, sociable and honest behaviors , he has been vary successful in establishing  respectful and trustable Business relations with almost all of the reputable Elevator Companies, and also the main importers & Distributers of lift components in Iran , as such; he could create an excellent, and high reputable position for himself in the market of elevator throughout the country.



New members Joined the Company

In 2010, Mr. Nikchehreh, managing director of the company planned to strengthen the position of Samandehan in the market, in this regard, he decided to invite some of his old friends to  join Samandehan  as shareholders in order to promote the company both financially and  technically to speed up marketing  development for Savera in the area.

The new shareholders, and the Members of the Board of Directors are:

1. Mr.Eng. Ali Ahmadzadeh - Chairman of the Board of Directors

2. Mr.Eng. Nosratollah Azad - Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors

3. Mr.Eng. Mohammad Saeid Eslami- Member of the Board of Directors



Now, after almost 15 years of sincere and honest business Co-operations with Savera Spain, Samandehan Asanbar Tehran is proud to say that it has gained the unique position as Exclusive Agent to Savera, quite capable of developing the Iranian market for Savera guide rails efficiently.

We dare now to announce that the share of Savera Spain guide rails in the market of our area has been reached to 30%, and we expect to improve this market share to 50% in the near future.

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